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L'Opera Spritz Pack

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We have created the L'Opera Spritz Pack for those who enjoy their Spritz not just in the Summer but all year round. L'Opera is an Organic Bitter Orange Aperitif that we have matched with the Continental Platter Prosecco, both Organic and Delicious.

What's inside? See Below... 

- 1 Bottle of L'Opera Orange Bitter Sweet
- 2 Bottles of Continental Platter Prosseco

How can you serve it? We suggest...

1. Fill 3/4 of the glass with cubed ice.
2. Pour 30ml of L'Opera over the ice.
3. Pour 60ml of Continental Platter Prosecco over the ice.
4. Top the glass with a splash of Sparkling Water.
5. Garnish your L'Opera Spritz with a thin wheel of Orange and a sprig of Thyme for a nice herbal touch.

How easy was that? Share and tag us @naturalliquor with your creations as we would love to see. Enjoy!

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